Night Rituals: Supermodel and Founder Elle Macpherson

As vital to our wellness as eating right, a good night’s sleep can be frustratingly elusive in modern life. Our Night Rituals series introduces you to women we find inspiring, and how they power down before bedtime. Hope you find some tips and tricks for sleeping tight.


Elle Macpherson, Supermodel, Entrepreneur


It’s been years since Aussie extraordinaire Elle Macpherson retired from the supermodel game, but that certainly doesn’t mean she’s been taking it easy. The co-founder of WelleCo, she helped formulate one of our all-time favorite supplements, the Super Elixir, a superfood-packed powder that helps pH balance your body and gives you energy like you wouldn’t believe. We caught up with the ageless beauty to get the lowdown on her nighttime rituals—because who wouldn’t want to get a beauty sleep like Elle Macpherson?



“I wash my face with NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash, then moisturize with one of Dr. Sebagh’s products. Right before I hop into bed, I use Arianna Skin Care Collagen Boost Eye Serum and Lucas Papaw Ointment on my lips.”



Elle Macpherson Body silk pajama top and pants of course!”



“I believe in the power of sleep! I know my body needs to have time to recharge and adequately repair… I start the wind down process at about 9pm and try and be in bed by 10.30pm (I wake at 5.30am). My aim is seven hours (full of dreams).” ##product:149000018196::right##


“A few things in my bedtime routine help me wind down. I brew a pot of Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea—its blend of medicinal herbs including valerian root, hops and skullcap, combined with the ritual of making a tea helps me wind down before bed. I do a yoga pose which is meant to help induce sleep. It involves lying on the bed with my legs up the wall. And at the end of every day I make sure I do a gratitude list (even if it’s only in my head). For fragrance, I spray a little spritz of our Sleep Welle Pillow Mist around the room (or on my plane seat if traveling). Its blend of lavender and chamomile reduces tension and anxiety and works to help me drift off to sleep easily.”


##quote:At the end of every day I make sure I do a gratitude list (even if it’s only in my head).##


Reading List

“Some quiet time to wind down before bed is important. I am strict with no screens at least half an hour before bed. I am an avid reader of autobiographies and have just completed: Prince: Purple Reign by Mick Wall; What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, and The 50 Things: Lessons for When You Feel Lost, Love Dad by Peter Dunne.”


Bedside Table

“Photos of my kids.”

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