Common Decorating Mistakes, According to a Modern Feng Shui Expert

It’s officially nesting season, so we’re looking to make home as full of positive vibes and coziness as possible. We caught up with Laura Benko, modern feng shui expert and author of The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space to learn how to avoid bringing negative energy into our homes. “If you’re living in a space surrounded by clutter, it’s going to be hard to focus and have clarity. It’s hard for the energy of new opportunities to come into your life because it’s all jammed up and stuck with all that stuff,” she advises. So if you’ve been feeling a little all over the place lately, it might mean it’s time to rearrange your apartment.


Don’t let a decorator make all your decisions

“When people have a persuasive interior decorator who creates a space that is their vision, not the occupant’s, it can take away their self-confidence and their voice because they’re constantly bombarded by choices in their living space that are not their own. I’m no anti-interior decorator, but I do think you need to have a deeper conversations about who you are and how you want yourself represented in your space if you’re going to use an interior designer. Your home should be a representation of who you are and who you want to be.”


Too much stuff can lead to clutter

“Having too much stuff clutters the thinking and impedes the flow of incoming opportunities. It’s so important to be constantly on top of the incoming stuff into your home. It doesn’t mean you have to live with the bare minimum of couch, bed, and stove and nothing else. You just want to be extremely mindful of everything that you bring in and ask yourself “Do I love it? Does it inspire me? Am I going to use it?” You really want to look closely at the energy of what you’re surrounding yourself with and not hold onto things just because you feel obligated to. Some people need to have that pared-down environment, and some people need a little more inspiration and items of beauty around them.”



Artwork, photos, and collectibles have meaning

“Look at your artwork around you, the symbolism of your artwork, your photographs, your collectibles. Really look at the symbolism from a different perspective. I once had a client, where the husband and wife were going through a difficult time (he had another relationship) and above their bed hung a painting of two women and one man. There’s always going to be stuff like that. And sometimes it’s going to be blatant, but it’s important to examine the symbolism in a deeper way.”


Take time to set positive intentions

“Every time you light a candle, set a positive intention and focus your energy towards whatever your goal or good thought is. Take that moment to do a mini meditation or a prayer in that sacred space. It’s a great exercise to do. It helps you get centered and grounded. The physical action of lighting the candle and the intention beautifies your space. It’s an exercise that anyone can do. It’s about creating that sacred moment. We’re all busy and can’t do an hour long meditation but that certainly is a good tip to set the intention for the day.”


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