Night Rituals: Model and Body Positive Role Model Candice Huffine

As vital to our wellness as eating right, a good night’s sleep can be frustratingly elusive in modern life. Our Night Rituals series introduces you to women we find inspiring, and how they power down before bedtime. Hope you find some tips and tricks for sleeping tight.


Candice Huffline, Model and Body Positive Role Model, Back Sleeper


Model Candice Huffline is all about positive vibes. Case in point, her new athletic apparel line Day/Won is made for women of ALL sizes and printed with inspiring slogans like “You got this.” In keeping with her affable demeanor, Huffline’s home environment couldn’t sound more inviting… We’re talking aromatherapy diffusers and Diptyque candles enjoyed while lounging in shorts and a tank! We caught up with the confident beauty to get the lowdown on all her nighttime rituals.



“I love to lather up at night. We put our skin through so many elements during the day (freezing air, sweaty workouts, dry heat..) that I like to use the evening to put it all back in. I love hydrating paper or cream masks like the ones from Karuna or Fresh. Then I layer up with oils and creams. For body, I love the classic Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion. For face I use Marie Veronique Night Oil or Sonya Dakar Omega Booster. I then add a cream, either Weleda’s Skin Food or Naturopathic’s Calendula Hydrating Cream, which heal and sooth my red irritated skin from the elements. You can’t forget about the eyes! I use the Hypoallergenic Gentle Firming Cream from Perricone MD. Lastly, I [use] a spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixir and swipe Aquaphor on my lips, and I am good to go… shellacked with the do-good stuff, just like I like it!”


Before-bed dos and don’ts

“I can always tell when I’ve had red meat too close to bedtime because it makes me really restless. I try to avoid late meals in general and ideally eat dinner around 7. And, while I don’t usually eat before bed, I’ve noticed l’ve been having a lot of chocolate chip cookie cravings recently.”


Because there's a place for every body in this world. #CHxFortnight

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“At night and especially in these freezing temps, a bath! I love a lavender epsom salt bath with a few drops of Le Labo Santal 33 Shower Gel for bubbles.”


Reading list

“We don’t have a TV in our bedroom anymore, which was a hard but amazing decision; I fall asleep so much faster and earlier now. My husband and I used to get caught up in garbage TV when we are winding down at night, and we’re trying to break ourselves of it. I’m reading some incredible books and want to definitely spend more time diving into those before bed. Some favorites: It’s Messy by Amanda de Cadenet and The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish. Nothing like some female, badass empowerment to end your day with and get you amped to start the next.”


##quote:Not every day is going to be perfect and full of self love.##


“Shorts and a tank, black or grey. I love the pajama sets from CJW. I have the Netflix and Chill one; It’s great for weekend lounging!”



“I use an aromatherapy diffuser in the bedroom and drop a combo of eucalyptus, peppermint and Aesop’s Isabelle oil blend. Around the rest of the house I love the look and smell of candles and think you can’t go wrong with the Baies scent from Diptyque.”


Positive early morning vibes

“Not every day is going to be perfect and full of self love. On days where I’m not feeling my best, sweating it out with a good workout really helps. Then picking out something I LOVE to wear and looking in the mirror and audibly telling myself that I am beautiful and going to slay this day. It’s the act of lots of little things that really make the difference. There is no relationship more important than the one we have with ourselves. Above all, be kind, be kind, be kind.”

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