Night Rituals: Founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

As vital to our wellness as eating right, a good night’s sleep can be frustratingly elusive in modern life. Our Night Rituals series introduces you to women we find inspiring, and how they power down before bedtime. Hope you find some tips and tricks for sleeping tight.


Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is the queen of New York chill. No, really. As the founder of Chillhouse, she brings massages, manicures, muffins (and more) in a perfectly styled space to the walking stress balls of the big city. Ramirez-Fulton is also the editor-in-chief and founder of website Taste the Style, known for its sexy take on delicious food, “boss babes,” and hot tells (check out The Staycationers). So of course we wanted to know how the busy lady gets ready for the ultimate chill session: a full night’s sleep.


Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Chillhouse Founder, Side Sleeper


Time to relax
“I’m on the couch by 10:30 latest, and I turn on the tube. My husband and I like to catch up on Million Dollar Listing and end up in bed watching Shameless. Wish I could say I read at night. I give myself at least 30-45 to catch up on news reading every morning. Besides that, a book is not a part of my self-care practice. I’m working on it. I’m also working on no screens before bed. I try to keep off my email past a certain point but I indulge in a good Instagram Story catch up sesh before passing out.  I’ll start the night off with chic pajamas from Reformation or Olivia von Halle on Net-a-Porter, which are heaven(!), but usually end up in just underwear.”


“I use Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes plus Origins Cleanser. Then, I put on Skin Laundry Wrinkle Release Repair Treatment with Retinol. Sometimes, a mask is involved. I’m really into Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Sleeping Mask these days! So yum.”


On the bedside…
“I have my CB2 lamp, a dried small single palm, a glass of water (always), and I always have a different candle.”


Sleep style
“I’m somewhere in between a light and heavy sleeper. Old Cyndi would say a glass of wine will do the trick. Lately I’ve been putting a little of our Chill Me Out blend (lavender, butterfly pea, and vanilla powder) in warm milk. That typically does the trick. I don’t necessarily have a tough time waking up—just a hard time getting out of bed. [Good sleep] is everything to me. If I don’t get at least six hours, my brain won’t function the next day. And I need my brain to work!”


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