Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about doing something nice for the people you love, so why not treat yourself this year. You deserve it. That bag you’ve been eyeing, those earrings you keep looking up, the soaking salts you’ve been envisioning yourself using—now’s the time to splurge on you a little bit. You can create the Valentine’s Day you want for yourself. To help you find that perfect gift for you, we’ve collected some of our favorite products so far in 2019.




Ligne St. Barth’s Vanilla Moisturizing Body Lotion


Your skin will thank you for this Ligne St. Barth body lotion. It provides a sweet vanilla aroma and refreshes your skin to leave it softer and nourished. This moisturizing lotion is made with natural ingredients on the island St. Barthelemy.








Orox Leather Co.’s Merces Petite Leather Crossbody Bag


This leather crossbody bag from Orox Leather Co. is handcrafted using only the finest materials. It has a classic look that never goes out of style, and it features an adjustable strap and traditional pin clasp. You’ll feel confident taking this bag with you everywhere—and what better gift is there to give yourself than that?







Rahya Jewelry Design’s Jules Silver Ear Climbers


Designed in Austin, Texas, these versatile earrings are modern, elegant, and a little edgy, so they’re the perfect choice to add a little flair to your wardrobe. They’re also easily modified, meaning you can switch up the look to match whatever you’re wearing.







Amayori’s Hinoki Onsen Daily Transformation Soaking Salts


This is the gift you want for an ultimate self-care experience. The fragrance of these soaking salts will transport you to a meditative and relaxed state that allows you to unwind from the day’s stress. Amayori’s salts are intended to capture the common Japanese practice of evening baths—a truly restorative experience.








Dream Mask’s Lace Sleep Mask


You deserve a restful night’s sleep—that’s where Dream Mask’s sleep mask comes in. It’s designed to help you get a rejuvenating rest so you’re able to take on the day. Better yet, this sleep mask is made with aloe and vitamin C microencapsulated fabric to hydrate your skin while you sleep.







Velvet Hippo’s Hex Cushion Pet Bed


Okay, so this one isn’t technically for you, but it’s for your pup, and we all like to see our furry friend happy, right? This pet bed by Velvet Hippo is made so your dog can nest, lounge, or sleep. And, it comes in three sizes and several colors so you can pick one perfect for your pet.






S/H KOH’s Mini Geo Moonstone Mismatched Earrings


This moonstone mismatched earrings are cute, elegant, and unlike other jewelry. The different lengths of each one adds a special aesthetic to the pair for a fun asymmetrical look. Did we mention these are handmade to order? Making them all the more one of a kind.







ARAMLEE’s Cloud Crossbody Bag


This ARAMLEE bag is whimsical, practical, and inspired by clouds. With an adjustable strap, you can wear this bag in multiple ways, including as a sling bag or underarm shoulder bag. And, it’ll add a creative pop of color to your outfit, too!







HOPEMadeintheworld’s Hand Loomed Alpaca Shawl


We still have over a month left of winter, meaning it’s the ideal time to get yourself something warm, like HOPEMadeintheworld’s alpaca shawl. It’s soft, light, and the perfect piece to bundle up with in the cold. It’s also a fair-trade product made with sustainable fabrics so you can feel good about wearing it wherever you go.




See our Valentine’s Day shop for other gift ideas!

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