A Guide to Creating Your Capsule Jewelry Collection

For the past few years, I’ve been reading all about capsule wardrobes—pared down closets that only have the clothes you need, making for simpler daily choices. These pieces are trendless and pair well with all your other pieces. By creating my own capsule wardrobe, I was able to reduce my clothes to the items I actually wear—freeing up closet space and saving me time.


As it turns out, this capsule approach isn’t just good to follow for your clothes. It’s also helpful for getting your jewelry collection to a manageable size. Like choosing the pieces for your capsule wardrobe, you’ll want to choose jewelry that’s timeless, well made, and matches easily with the other items in your closet. We’ve rounded up all our favorite classic pieces to help you build your capsule jewelry collection and make it easier to get ready in the morning.




Classic studs

Rahya Jewelry Design’s Tide Silver Stud Earrings


Understated yet captivating, these Rahya Jewelry Design studs match most any outfit, making them the perfect go-to piece for your capsule jewelry collection. These dependable earrings can be worn every day, so you’ll be able to get going a bit quicker every morning.







Hoop earrings

SEVEN50’s Sterling Silver Double Hoops Earrings


For the days you want to wear something a bit more eye catching, these double hoop earrings are just what you need. They’re elegant and timeless, which is just what you want in a capsule piece.









A pendant necklace

S/H KOH’s Mini Geo Moonstone Circle Pendant Necklace


Make sure you have a stylish pendant necklace on hand. We like this one from S/H KOH because it will go with a lot of outfits and styles but still has a personality of its own.









A cute, low-key ring

Paradiiso’s Bruno Pave Ring


What makes this ring so special is that it’s both simple and a statement piece. A combination that’s pretty hard to master. The overall design is fairly understated, but the diamonds add an extra pop that people will notice. Plus, its timeless style will pair well with most any outfit.






A stylish watch

Maven Watches’ Stainless Steel & Marble Face Watch “Outline Silver”


With a marble face and neutral-toned bands, Maven Watches’ Stainless Steel & Marble Face Watch “Outline Silver” will add a contemporary touch to your capsule collection. Even with that modern flair, this watch is still trendless, and you can choose between an off-white or black strap for a color that matches your wardrobe best.







A timeless bracelet

Rahya Jewelry Design’s Tide Silver Bangles (Set of 3)


Everyone needs a set of bangles in their closet. With this set of three, you can wear them individually or stacked together—whatever fits best with your personal style.




What are your favorite capsule jewelry pieces?

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