8 Ways to Get a Modern Farmhouse Feel in Your Home

Lately, modern farmhouse style has been everywhere. It’s comfy, rustic, and welcoming—all while still feeling chic and refined. It’s about capturing simplicity without being minimalist. Think wood furniture that looks well loved and taken care of, heirloom pieces, and a laid-back atmosphere.


You don’t have to live on a farm for this homey style to work, either. With the right furniture and decorations, you can give your home the comfortable, charming aesthetic this style is known for. Here are some of our favorite pieces for capturing a farmhouse look where you live.






Stikwood’s Peel & Stick Real Wood Planks


Made from natural, sustainably sourced wood, Stikwood’s Peel & Stick Real Wood Planks make any space comfier and rustic. They attach to most any flat surface to add an instant touch of modern farmhouse.








Blanc Creatives’ Forged Carbon Steel Skillet


This heirloom-quality carbon steel skillet is forged with a hammer and anvil and is designed with a handle that keeps cool even as you’re cooking. With this, you can do everything from searing to baking. What’s homier than that?








West of Noble’s Coat Rack “Shaker Rail”


Inspired by early American Shakers, this coat rack is functional and minimalist. Its clean design will help keep your house orderly while adding a sense of warmness to the room.









Caravan Home Decor’s Chunky Linen Tea Towel Set


This chunky towel set perfectly blends contemporary and rustic aesthetics, creating an earthy look. Plus, the woven linen is handmade. With these towels, your house will be homey and bright.









Yvonne Mouser’s Ashwood Double Bucket Stool


This double bucket stool offers a beautiful and functional simplicity. The handle is designed for easy storage and transportation, making this piece convenient no matter where it lives.









Modernplum’s Sabine Linen Table Runner


This table runner quickly ups your dining room’s farmhouse charm. It’s both refined and rustic, so it’s the perfect addition for anyone who wants to dress up their space and keep it inviting. And, you can use it indoors and outdoors, too.








Amana Shops’ Wooden Shop Boxes


These wooden boxes are the embodiment of rustic. They’re handcrafted and perfect for any use you can imagine: holding keys and wallets, tools, office supplies—anything in your house that needs a home.








Stil Novo Design’s Cervantes Chandelier


Stil Novo Design has created this chandelier using materials from reclaimed oak wine barrels. The wood and metal combination makes it a great go-to for anyone who wants to imbue their place with a modern farmhouse style, and it will match your home no matter if it’s contemporary or traditional.




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