Clay: It’s More Than Your Weekly Mask

We’ve talked about how much we love clay masks before. They clean pores, absorb your skin’s impurities, and help out your complexion. But, clay offers benefits beyond just the masks you typically hear about. It can exfoliate, cleanse, and hydrate. That means it’s easy to incorporate clay into your beauty routine outside of your weekly clay-mask treatment. Here are some of our favorite clay products that go beyond masks.





Ren’s Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser


Ren has created an antibacterial clarifying cleanser that uses French kaolin clay to detox, cleanse, and purify your skin. Thanks to the clay, this cleanser removes excess sebum and decreases the look of your pores. The best part? It minimizes the chance of future breakouts.










Leaf People’s Luminous Walnut Honey Tea Face Scrub


The Luminous Walnut Honey Tea Face Scrub blends together several ingredients, making it ideal for anyone who wants a healthy complexion. Its clay works to detox and sooth your face and neck, and you can soften its effects on sensitive skin by mixing it with Leaf People’s herbal face wash.









Saison Beauty’s Summer Foaming Cleansing Powder


Saison Beauty’s cleansing powder contains kaolin clay, which helps reduce oil, clean, and exfoliate. While it comes as a powder, once you add water it turns into a lather that softens and refreshes your skin. Everything about this organic cleanser is luxurious.









ARgENTUM Apothecary’s Le Savon Lune


Made in France, this hydration bar cleanses skin and reduces blemishes with bentonite clay. The lather helps to hydrate skin and tighten pores for a benefit you’ll be able to see and feel on your neck and face.









Terra Luna Beauty’s Mud Brightening Facial Polish


With a blend of clays, Terra Luna Beauty’s exfoliating powder works as both a facial mask and scrub. Some of its benefits: getting rid of blackheads, reducing dark spots, and renewing a naturally radiant tone. Our favorite part about this clay product, though, is that they donate part of their profits to animal rescue organizations.









Teadora’s 4 Pc Face & Body Exfoliating Clay & Toning Bars Gift Set


These exfoliating bars contain clay and açaí seeds to get rid of blemishes and dead skin. The ingredients allow the bars to brighten and moisturize your body. Oh yeah, all the bars in this set are 100% vegan and sustainably harvested, too!





What are your favorite clay products? We’d love to know!

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