Create a Sexy Bedroom That Sets the Mood

Before you blame your dwindling sex life on your job or the kids, consider this: The state of your bedroom can have a profound effect on how often you have sex and how satisfying that sex is. The state of your bedroom might be to blame if your love life has come to a screeching halt, especially if your room features a pile of laundry, unwashed sheets, a dirty floor, or any of the following libido killers.


Bedroom no-nos that kill sexy vibes

Think about your bedroom. How do you feel when you retire for the evening? How does it feel to walk across the room in your bare feet, to crawl between the sheets? The number one killer of lovemaking in the bedroom is dirt and clutter. Keep the room clean and fresh, and minimize knick-knacks. A room full of dirt and clutter reminds you that laundry must be done, the floors need to be vacuumed, the sheets must be washed, the boxes put away, and, before you know it, the to-do list in your head is so long that you’re too tired (and too distracted) to get in the mood for sex. Talk about a buzz-kill.


Also, we know how much you love that picture of your parents from their Hawaii trip or the picture of your kids that lit up last year’s holiday card, but keep family photos in the living room, where their smiling faces won’t stare back at you while you’re trying to get it on.


Finally, it’s essential to keep tech out of the bedroom. Televisions, smartphones, laptops, and iPads are great for the living room and home office, but they distract from the real purpose of the bedroom: to sleep and to have sex.


Create your own love nest

Some simple yet powerful changes can make all the difference in how often you and your partner turn up the heat. After you de-clutter and clean, consider how small changes can appeal to all five senses. Introduce textures, scents, sounds, and visual beauty to create an environment of relaxation and feel-good vibes.


To add a sense of richness and indulgence, bring in texture to the environment by hanging tapestries, adding luxurious velvet pillows and soft throw blankets onto the bed, and ensuring that your bedding is soft to the touch.


Don’t underestimate the power of sight when it comes to a sexy bedroom. As the saying goes, many of us are visual creatures, and nobody wants to have sex under harsh, bright lighting. You owe it to your love life to pretty-up your bedroom. Invest in classic-style nude art that reminds you of life’s best pleasures, in soft lamps, and in warming colors that add a sense of playfulness.


Scent is also a powerful way to get your brain in the mood for love. With some essential oils and a high-quality diffuser, you can find comfort, balance, and even pique desire with scents that relax, release tension, and boost feelings of affection.


This weekend, take it upon yourself to refresh your bedroom into a lovemaking space. After all, in order to have a satisfying sex life, you have to create an environment that’s conducive to intimacy and love.

Rebecca is a freelance writer and creative director who loves writing about health, wellness, and living the good life outdoors. She lives in the Ohio countryside with her husband and Australian Shepherds, and when she's not writing, she's playing piano and guitar in her folk-rock band.

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