5 Dark Marble Accents for a Moody-Luxe Aesthetic

Marble has been enjoying a bold renaissance in interior design the past few years, and the trend shows no signs of falling out of favor. Long the material of choice for countertops and floors, marble is now being used by daring designers who are applying it to everyday objects. This comes as no surprise given that marble’s been highly prized since Roman times for its extreme durability, naturally luxe beauty, and longevity.


We especially love dark marble accents that add a quiet drama your living space. Smooth, lustrous, and elegant, moody marble accessories are the perfect way to incorporate the look into your own home.

Menu’s Marble Wall Clock


Stripped of all unnecessary detail and features, this marble clock is set with lacquered brass hands. From Menu, a Danish company that collaborates with some of the world’s most talented designers, this timepiece epitomizes the crisp Scandinavian look they’ve dubbed “soft minimalism.”







Whether used as a serving bowl, catch-all tray, or decor, this dish is a testament to designer Poul Kjærholm’s philosophy of “making form a part of function.” Limited to only 300 hand-numbered pieces per year, it’s truly a design icon.








Menu’s Monuments Magazine Holder


The magazines we buy and the books we read tell the world about our taste. Let yours speak volumes with this sleek marble and bronzed brass stand that aims to elevate the magazine rack—a piece of furniture that rarely receives the aesthetic attention it deserves.








MIKOL’s Wireless Charging Pad


A brilliant tech accessory disguised as home decor, this smartphone charging pad is made of real marble with aluminum alloy casing. Its unobtrusive design is compact enough to fit on a desktop or nightstand—and elegant enough to complement any design aesthetic.








Menu’s “Pepe” Marble Tabletop Mirror


This cosmetic mirror’s classic design and clean lines are inspired by late-1950s’ Italian style. With a double-sided mirror—flat on one side, 3x magnifying on the other—it’s a practical and beautiful accompaniment to your daily routine. You’ll spend years using and loving it, and then pass it down to future generations.



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