Brisk-Weather Beauty for the Cold Days Ahead

According to the news, a certain Punxsutawney Phil predicted a few weeks ago that spring would arrive early this year. With all due respect, though, his meteorological track record is pretty spotty, and if our dark days and dry skin are any indication, winter seems to be digging its heels in. As we wait the season out, our beauty routines have evolved to accommodate freezing temps with a few choice products. While the thought of a neverending winter may be unpleasant, these beauty must-haves are anything but—read on to see what we’re keeping in heavy rotation until spring finally arrives.



It seems as though everyone’s hair—whether it’s long, short, thick, thin, straight, or curly—gets a bit more fragile and brittle during the wintertime, but while we’re all giving our strands some extra love, it’s important to remember to extend some attention to the scalp. Using a scalp massaging brush with your preferred moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will go a long way to remove built-up dead skin. Spending more time indoors as the cold weather persists? Take advantage of a night in with a deep moisturizing hair mask and lock in the hydration with a spa cap.



Sinking into a steaming hot bath is one of those winter-specific experiences that almost make the wind chill worth it. Get into the ritual while taking a cue from Japan—where they’ve pretty much mastered the art of the bath—with mineral-rich bath powder extracted from the country’s own hot springs. If long soaks aren’t your thing, optimize your showers with clean soaps that are free of harsh chemicals. Either way, you’re going to want to follow up with an extra-rich moisturizer before you venture out into the cold.



While you’re letting that aforementioned hair mask seep into your strands, it’s a perfect time to double down on the spa experience by doing a hydrating face mask. On a daily basis, begin your facial routine with a refreshing rose-water mist to eliminate that tight, dry feeling that sometimes pops up post-cleansing and finish with a cream that locks in all that moisture you’re packing into your pores. Need even more hydration? Try a portable humidifier to combat cold air outside and dry heat inside.

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