How to Choose the Perfect Camera Bag

Many photographers enjoy on-the-go lifestyles, so they experience many beautiful moments. And, when you’re out on your travels, you want your camera right by your side. After all, what’s worse than not having your camera and missing a photo op?


But, lugging around a camera can be a hassle. Speaking from experience, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a lens cap or taken too long rummaging for my other lens. I asked a fellow photographer what his most important requirements are in a camera bag. We agreed that whether you’re a seasoned photography pro or you just like having a camera by your side, there are certain requirements for any great camera bag.


Easy access to equipment

Photographers rue the day they miss a shot because they were too busy rummaging in their bottomless camera bag. One of the most important things to consider is how often you’re going to be switching lenses and memory cards and how often you’re going to be diving back into the bag.


A shoulder bag is typically the perfect option for the beginning photographer who doesn’t need to carry around too many lenses or much equipment. This way, their camera is right by their side when they want to take a shot.


Shoulder bags are also low-key, so you can easily blend in without announcing to the world that you’re carrying hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars in camera equipment.


A place for camera accessories

The best way to ensure you don’t lose accessories, like lens caps, camera straps, batteries, and memory cards, is by ensuring that your bag comes with a couple places for the little things. Even an external pocket, like the one on this Weekender Brandy Leather Camerabag, is going to be a huge lifesaver when it comes to storing odds and ends with ease.


Comfortable to wear

A major complaint about many camera bags is that they’re bulky and a pain to carry around. The comfort of a bag matters, so you want to avoid one that’s too big or chafes against your shoulder. After all, if you can’t stand to wear your camera bag, you’re probably not going to take your camera with you.


Especially for photographers who enjoy a good dose of adventure—like those who prefer to hit the trail or take their camera out on sailboats and ski lifts—you’re going to want a bag that isn’t too cumbersome and feels good when you wear it on your shoulder. Vitasta’s Crossbody Camera Bag is a perfectly pared-down option for the photographer who is ready to take pictures during their next on-the-go adventure.


Of course, different photographers are going to require different gear. Need a flash kit? Checking your camera gear on a plane? Carrying huge lenses that are half the size of your forearm? These require specialized packs, but, for the average photographer on a weekend getaway, the requirements are simple: ease of use, comfort, and accessibility are key.


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