How to Get Amazing Skin While You Sleep

Sleep has so many benefits, which is downright depressing—because every night I don’t get enough of it. I know I’m failing to capture all that magic. Sleep improves memory, helps us lose weight, enhances our emotional stability, and that’s just a handful of the good stuff. Aside from its science-backed benefits, sleep is king for another reason: It’s the ideal time to perfect your skin. Say bye-bye to 57-step skincare routines and hello to these skin-boosting schemes that work while you rest.



Use an intense overnight cream

Nighttime is the right time to slather on thick moisturizers packed with a host of unbeatable benefits—like Buckler’s Overnight Recovery Cream. Rich in powerful botanical extracts, fatty acids, and Buckler’s proprietary Moisture+ Complex, it helps skin retain moisture, smooths texture, and improves firmness and elasticity.


Fire up the humidifier

Honestly, everyone needs a humidifier to save their skin from dry winter air. This one, from Switzerland’s Stadler Form, monitors and measures the room’s humidity, maintaining your perfect level of moisture throughout the day. It’s even got an air purifier built right in. The best part? It’s so sleekly designed that it doesn’t even look like a household appliance.



Snooze on silk

A-listers like Gisele, Chrissy Teigen, and the Kardashians have long known about the anti-aging powers of silk. It glides against your face without bunching or pulling, keeping skin crease-free. Plus, the natural amino acids in silk may actually fight aging. There’s no better reason to make Moonlit Skincare’s silk eye mask and pillowcase a part of your nightly routine. With this set, you get both pieces plus a bottle of bestselling Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil to boot.



Try an anti-aging pillow

Bad news: Facial wrinkles can sneak up on us during sleep. That’s because your face is usually smooshed against a pillow. Good news: You can reduce overnight wrinkles with this kooky-looking but genius pillow. Designed by a plastic surgeon, it reduces facial compression and helps fight lines while you slumber.


Dab on some eye cream

If you’re not already using an eye cream, now’s the time to start. Specially designed for the delicate eye area, the best ones deeply moisturize while correcting all sorts of issues. This balm from Taïla Skincare contains precious ingredients, like meadowfoam seed oil and ashwagandha, that deeply hydrate, correct, and protect. But not only that—it reduces dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, too.



Shop skincare and gift sets to make the most of your beauty rest. 

Erin Klabunde is a writer, editor, and Second City-trained comedian. Her work appears on Amendo and Medium. She regularly performs in the shower, mostly Celine Dion's back catalog. She lives in New York. Follow her on Twitter @klabundles.

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