5 Aesthetically Designed and Functional Kitchen Tools

Whether it’s making our morning coffee, baking cupcakes from a recipe we pulled from Instagram, or preparing our go-to weeknight dinner, we often find our way to the kitchen. It’s the hub of the home, and no two are alike. We stock our kitchens with the tools we use every day, be it an oil dispenser for weekly stir fry or a pretty cheese board for regular entertaining.


A functional kitchen need not sacrifice design. The kitchenware and cookery gadgets that ornament our counters can reflect our personal style as well as help us to appease our inner GBBO contestant. Here are a few beautiful tools for the kitchen that will be useful in creating both ambiance and a delicious meal.





Joey Roth’s Sorapot Glass & Stainless Steel Teapot


It’s tea for two reimagined. The Sorapot’s Pyrex cylinder reveals dried crushed tea leaves infusing in boiling water in entrancing, swirling pigments. The sculptural metal arc and spout, available in brushed or mirror-polished stainless steel, makes it the perfect teapot for the industrial-chic kitchen.








Cheese Grotto Classico


There’s an old saying in Corsica: the cheese walks. Well, for the makers behind Cheese Grotto in Brooklyn, the cheese rests in a handsome and durable bamboo chamber finished by hand. At your next dinner party, guests will be delighted to savor an expertly stored and aged block of cheese.









Combekk Cast Iron Cookware’s Dutch Rust Leather Oven Glove


A stylish kitchen needn’t stop short of beautiful oven mitts. These will not only protect your hands from heat but, made from 100 percent recycled leather with a tasteful two-tone trim, they’ll add a dapper elegance to your cooking experience.








Bérard France’s Olivewood & Concrete Salt Keeper


Sprinkle salt over your culinary creations like the pros. Handcrafted in concrete, this sturdy salt keeper is the perfect place to store flaky sea salt crystals. Every lid is made from centuries-old and responsibly sourced olivewood bearing unique knots and grains. A magnetic latch makes salt easy to access and helps keep it fresh.







Alabama Sawyer’s Noaway Salvaged Wood Compost Bin


A pretty kitchen can also be an environmentally conscious one with this attractive compost bin. Smart and discreet, this container crafted with salvaged wood can house your food waste until composted to become beautiful soil for your garden. Keep your kitchen—and the planet—beautiful.




Check out our selection of aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools and gadgets.

Dakota Arkin Cafourek is a published writer and​ editor. Dedicated to a love of travel, storytelling, and the arts, she serves cultural institutions in New York City and East Hampton, NY where she lives with her husband and cat, Kemal.

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