Why Your Skincare Routine Needs an Avocado Boost

My roommate and I once mashed up avocados and applied the paste to our faces as a mask. All in the name of research! My skin felt tingly, and it totally worked (seriously). We didn’t add anything to the paste—we just put it straight on our skin. My roommate’s boyfriend took pictures of us, which I shall not share here.


The benefits of avocado don’t stop at hydration. The fruit contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant. It’s also naturally soothing, with some users (and at least one celeb aesthetician) reporting that it hydrates more deeply than coconut oil. If the avocado flesh alone gave my skin a hydrating boost, imagine what these avocado-oil-infused products will do for your dermis.   



Bella Schneider Beauty’s Rich Nourishing Body Butter


This deeply restorative body butter has ALL THE BENEFITS. No, seriously. Suitable for all skin types, it exfoliates, smooths, and evens out skin tone. It reduces hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. Avocado oil, in combination with sweet almond and squalane oils, brings the moisture. Whew.







Castle Baths’ Avocado Eye Cream


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: A rich eye cream should be part of everyone’s nightly skincare routine. Give Castle Baths’ pampering Avocado Eye Cream a spin—it contains organic avocado oil and three other superfoods to help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles, and puffy eyes.






Castle Baths’ Avocado Hemp Regenerative Cream 


A gentle, all-natural treatment for stressed or damaged skin, this cream contains no fillers or chemicals—just six superfoods that intensely moisturize and soothe. A combination of avocado oil and hemp seed oil (with its high concentration of essential fatty acids) penetrates deep into skin’s layers.








Akt Therapy Skincare’s Rad Hydrating Face Oil


Akt Therapy’s skincare comes from Mexico’s Baja region, where jojoba, avocado, and fragrant plumeria grow. These and other natural ingredients provide the base for Akt’s line of purifying, nontoxic products, like this face oil, enriched with cactus, avocado, and jojoba oils to help replenish the skin’s natural defense system.  






Ligne St. Barth’s Avocado Oil


If it comes from Mother Nature, it’s good (actually, great) enough for us. This universal face, body, and hair oil melts into your skin and tresses, providing a protective veil of velvety softness. It works wonders on mature skin and is especially effective at preventing stretch marks.





Just can’t avo-enough skincare products on your bathroom shelf? We’re constantly getting new and amazing skincare options from around the globe. 

Erin Klabunde is a writer, editor, and Second City-trained comedian. Her work appears on Amendo and Medium. She regularly performs in the shower, mostly Celine Dion's back catalog. She lives in New York. Follow her on Twitter @klabundles.

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