The Best Travel Case for Your Tech

For the longest time, I resisted buying a tech travel case. Instead, I spent who knows how many precious moments of my life rummaging in my leather sack of a purse on a hunt for my cellphone or earbuds.


From the first moment I saw this stunning STOW Personalized Leather Tech Case, I immediately fell in love. The possibilities! Like many people in business, I’m always on the go, and keeping my tech protected is essential. After all, tech helps us do our jobs, so it’s important to keep our phones, iPads, and laptops protected from scrapes, scratches, and other elements.



Because I’m constantly working with my tech, I’m always looking for ways to protect it. As a heavy tech user, I tend to beat up my precious accessories. A case has helped me make my phone last twice as long and keep screens in pristine, non-scratched condition.


Even Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is often seen clutching her tech case. According to Travel + Leisure Magazine, Meghan has her very own Amber Orange & Dusty Aqua STOW Personalized First Class Leather Tech Case. When she’s whisking off on adventures, she always has her tech case clutched by her side. (And, one of the reasons we love Meghan is how fabulous and put-together she looks when she’s on the go.)


Why we love STOW leather tech cases

They’re beautiful, they come in alluring colors for every taste, and they’re made of soft Spanish leather. They’re the perfect size to tuck under your arm while you’re walking down the street and sipping on a latte.


You can make your STOW case yours by embossing your own message or initials on your case. These make amazing gifts because you can give your best friend or partner their own personalized travel case.


What to keep in your travel case (other than tech)


It might be called a “tech case,” but it’s so much more than that. It’s a central hub for all your valuables so they’re not floating around in your purse. A travel case is a perfect place for your passport. The STOW brand cases have extra pockets designed for cables and chargers, and the newest version even comes with a power bank so you can charge your gadgets on the go!


I might be biased as a writer, but I always travel with a notebook. After all, what if I get a brilliant idea that I don’t want to forget? These STOW cases fit a moleskin notebook, which is perfect for artists who like to carry around sketchbooks.


For a personal touch, don’t be afraid to keep mementos in your tech case as well. A photograph from that time you took your little niece to the photobooth at the bowling alley, ticket stubs from the symphony with your boo, and pressed flowers are sure to give your tech case a touch of personal beauty and charm.


No matter your style, we have a STOW tech case that’s perfect for you!

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