6 Bold Pops of Design to Instantly Update Your Home

You’re all moved in—with fresh paint on the walls and a fresh start. Or, maybe you’ve lived in your home for 15 years but there’s that one spot in the living room that still needs something on the north-facing wall. A room isn’t complete until it has those final touches: the conversation piece, the pop of color, the boldness that reflects your personality.


After all, what starts a conversation better than a guest coming over and saying “Oh, I love this!” It’s the adventurous design choices—the daring curation—that turn a house into your unique domicile.


Here are a few of our favorite pieces to make a space in your home go “POP!” because a finely decorated space requires emphasis, color, and an occasional pleasant surprise.





Jonathan Adler’s Helios Head Sculpture


With a touch of Easter Island allure, this Helios Head Sculpture was created by Jonathan Alder by melting bronze, giving this sculpture a look of pure gold. This Helios sculpture is sure to add a touch of glamour with its exotic vibes, harkening to the intricate art of African masks. Who says you can’t bring a touch of worldliness to your comfy bedroom?






ADzif’s Dice Wallpaper


In a world of white-painted walls, wallpaper is a bold, if not gutsy, choice. But is anything more delightful than walking into a room that hits you with unexpected patterns and colors? This dice-themed wallpaper is a pleasing choice that will bring a sense of cheeriness to bathrooms and kitchens.








Jonathan Adler’s Globo Console


Two words for this one: serious fun. The front-facing drawers on this white lacquer cabinet feature solid blue acrylic cabochons, delivering a punch of glamour to any space. Pair this with an eye-catching art piece, and you’re sure to add a serious dose of fun and guarantee a whole lot of compliments.






NONO’s Santos Chair


This stunning piece is where high design meets something as ubiquitous as a chair. It will have you thinking about bright red board game pieces and gumdrops while it cradles your body in the shape of a champagne flute. The pop of design is there to remind you to not take life too seriously. What we love about it: Whether it’s on the patio or in the living room, this chair is sure to catch the eye. And, for all practicalities, it’s easy to clean, too!





Souda’s Echo 3 Sconce


Souda designs are a little weird, a little quirky, and a lot of fun. Back in the Colonial era, homeowners would place candles in front of mirrors to reflect more light into the room, and this sconce is a fun twist on that idea. These retro bulbs flow into their reflection in the mirror, making it look like they’re floating in space.







B + R Studio’s Yellow Sunday Print


Geographic art prints are in right now and for good reason. They capture the eye and stoke the imagination, offering a sense of emphasis and color. We especially love “Yellow Sunday” by B + R Studio in New York because of its incredible colors and soft, gumdrop shape.





In every room, there needs to be a focal point. The focal point could be a chair, an art piece, or even patterned wallpaper. That way, you’re sure to end up with a home that’s full of fabulous textures, intriguing design choices, and conversation pieces to keep you feeling inspired and bright.


On the search for that perfect bold pop of design for your home? You’ll find that dream piece in our Home category.

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