Debunking the Beauty of The Bunkers, a Modern B&B in Belgium’s Countryside

Situated in the idyllic town of Knokke-Heist in Belgium lies The Bunkers, a bed & breakfast inn that’s been renovated, restored and built anew for a modern day hospitality that still retains its historic roots.

The Bunkers B&B

The B&B is named for the five stone bunkers that are sprinkled around the grounds, once used during the turbulent times of WWI and WWII. With architectural direction by Govaert & Vanhouette, interiors by Anversa, and landscape design by Leon Van Haesebrouck, the property, which consists of a farm house, barn, shed, and the five bunkers, was transformed into a home for the owners to share with five other parties. The five private guest rooms are appropriately named the Field Room, the Terrace Room, the River Room, and Bunker Room, and the Polder room. Oh, and the bunkers? They now provides shelter for the chickens, bees and sheep that will provide for your morning breakfast for a true farm-to-table meal.

The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B

The interiors were imagined by Anversa who dressed common rooms and private quarters in a subdued white and gray color palette, punctuated by contemporary furnishings and charcoal accents. Eagle-eyed design aficionados will recognize design favorites such the Hee Bar Stools by Hay, VIPP reading lamps or the VIPP-designed public kitchen in the center of the farmhouse.

The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B

Each of the guest rooms are named after a special feature or detail of that room. The Field Room provides wide view over the polders. The Terrace Room features a private terrace where you can watch the sun rise or set. The Bunker Room has a unique window that’s very low, so you can see sheep roam about in the field from the comfort of your bed. The River Room, of course, provides a view over the river. Lastly, the Polder Room, the largest of all the accommodations, gives you a view across the bunkers and historic polders.

The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B

The B&B is equipped with modern amenities, including a heated swimming pool, infrared sauna, heated terrace, entertainment room, fitness area, and daily breakfast buffet. Don’t feel like staying on the property all day? The Bunkers is close by to the beach, shopping centers, and other neighboring cities within fifteen minutes.

The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B The Bunkers B&B

Everything you need to know when booking your stay: The Bunkers’ room prices start at USD $243. This renovated B&B offers the tranquility of the polder fields with modern conveniences and amenities. And, design aficionados will be quick to spot contemporary furnishings and fixtures from Hay and VIPP in every room.

The B&B is located at Burkeldijk 18, 8300 Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Visit The Bunkers to book your stay!

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