What’s in Your Neighborhood, Alessandra Roveda?

We first got acquainted with Alessandra Roveda’s work when she turned Missoni’s showroom on Via Solferino, Milan, into a fairytale world of crochet for Milan Design Week.

Alessandra Roveda studied Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano and has exhibited in Milan for years, doing everything from crochet cakes for Tortatelier to sushi homes at the Paola Colombari Gallery to consecrate the 150 years of friendship between Italy and Japan.

As someone who can keenly balance the creative buzz of Milan with the slow process of art through crochet, we asked Alessandra Roveda about how we can enjoy Milan through her eyes.

The central library in Brera, Pinacoteca di Brera, is an especially popular spot among students during lunchtime. Photo by Keshia Badalge.

What are your favorite districts in Milan?

Isola e Garibaldi, Brera, Città Studi.

Photo by Alessandra Roveda

Photo by Alessandra Roveda

Favorite coffee shop: I’m a home sweet home’ girl till the evening! Here’s my American breakfast at home. (pictured above)

Favorite restaurant: Absolutely Dabass, in via Piacenza 13, close to Piazza Medaglie D’oro, whether for an aperitive or a dinner or an after dinner meal. Maddalena and the other guys there are like family to everyone.

Dabass means “downstairs” in Milanese dialect. They have this name because they have a sort of manhole in the restaurant, from where you can see a little exposed part of what’s downstairs—it’s always different!

Brera is the hotspot for design and turns into Brera Design District during Milan Design Week. Photo by Keshia Badalge.

Favorite store: Brera is full of nice shops and walking around is a pleasure there.

Fondazione Prada. Photo by August Fischer.

Favorite museum: Fondazione Prada is cool even without any expos! Triennale has always interesting exhibitions and reminds me of when I was still in university 🙂

Is there anything we missed?

Via Malaga, close to Navigli, is another place that I like. It’s a big place full of studios, ateliers and lofts of photographers, designers and architects. It’s like a big community, the doors are always open and everywhere you go here, there are good vibes.

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