Flight Mode with Architect Marc Thorpe

Architects need to plan for every corner and inch of a project so we were curious, what would an architect bring on their flight to cover all their bases? We reached out to architect and industrial designer Marc Thorpe who runs his eponymous studio out of New York to ask how he plans for his travels. Here’s what he recommends:

Rolex Explorer
Lets talk about watches. The Explorer was the result of 20 years of research in extreme conditions. Rolex started sending watches on Himalayan expeditions in the 1930s, long before Hillary and Tenzing conquered Everest. The aim was to create the ultimate professional tool watch that could survive the roughest conditions. Decades on, this lead the timepiece to become the iconic “go-to” timepiece for all travelers. It is the most durable and adaptable timepiece in my collection and is always on my wrist when traveling the world, 45 countries and counting and never misses a second.

Malle London Luggage
Not only personal friends of mine but they happen to make some of the toughest bags in the business while maintaining Saville Row quality and style. I began traveling with a Malle backpack a few years ago. The consideration to pocket locations, storage dimensions and quality materials sets them apart from the travel going pack.

Coach Passport Wallet
Finding a good passport wallet with the right amount of sleeves for currency, travel documents, etc., is tough. Of course, I was never able to find one until a good friend of mine and passionate world traveler gave me the calf leather Coach Passport wallet as a gift. Thanks Greg!

Apple Macbook Pro
Apple’s MacBook Pro i.e. mobile studio… #AlwaysAndForever.

Muji Pen
Highest quality drawn line in design and an absolute must have on the road. Extremely lightweight and priced perfectly. Always travel with a minimum of two.

Whether it’s a center seat in coach to Tokyo or a jet lagged 5am rager at Bar Basso in Milan, having a travel vial of Advil not only saves your ass but makes you a hero for all!

Learn more about Marc Thorpe and his work on Design Milk.

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