Tried & Tested: POPWHITE Toothpaste & Rinse Toner

First Impression:

I’ve tried a lot of teeth-whitening products over the years with varied success. But, I’ve never loved any of them. I’ve found they’re typically either time intensive, messy, only whiten your front teeth, or just straight up don’t work.


So, when I heard about the concept behind POPWHITE, well, let’s just say I was intrigued. It uses a patented purple formula to safely brighten teeth. The purple counteracts yellow tones in your teeth to leave your smile whiter. And, it’s peroxide free!

Image courtesy of POPWHITE

The Test Drive:

You use the whitening primer toothpaste and the whitening toner oral rinse twice a day. Brush your teeth with the primer, which you can layer with a strip of your normal toothpaste, and then rinse with the toner. To see the best results, do this for 14 days.

Image courtesy of POPWHITE


After 14 days of using POPWHITE, I was impressed. It fit in seamlessly with my normal morning and evening brushing routine—there’s no sitting around with trays in your mouth. It whitened all my teeth an equal amount. Plus, it never made my (already pretty sensitive) teeth sensitive, which can’t be said for other whitening toothpastes I’ve tried. And, my smile is noticeably a few shades brighter. If you’re looking for an easy, convenient, affordable way to level up your smile—this is it!


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