Easy Ways to Make a Flower Arrangement Last

A nice flower arrangement adds a vibrant splash to a room, a blend of bright colors that brings a certain cheer with it. It can also serve as a reminder—of a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation. So, the longer you can keep the arrangement looking its best, the longer you’ll have that memory of celebration greeting you when you come home.


To get the most life out of a flower arrangement, there are a few easy steps you can take. You’ll want to do them as soon as possible for best results. Here are my go-tos when it comes to caring for a flower arrangement.


Prep the vase

Before you get your flowers ready, get the vase set up. What all goes into this? First thing’s first, thoroughly clean your vase. If it’s dishwasher safe, consider doing that. However you clean it, though, make sure you’ve completely washed out all of the soap.


Once it’s cleaned, fill the vase with cold water and add in flower food (this typically comes with the arrangement). Then, every couple of days, switch the water with a fresh batch. If you have more flower food, add some each time you swap out the water.


Prep the flowers

Once you have the vase set up, it’s time to prepare your flowers. Trim off half an inch to one inch from each stem and make the cut at an angle so the flower can absorb the most water. Whenever you change out the water, trim off a bit more of the stem to keep each flower in the arrangement looking fresh for as long as possible.


An important note: Always use a sharp knife or scissors to make the cuts. If you use dull ones, you’re more likely damage the stem and flower.


Also, you’ll want to remove any leaves low enough on the stem that they’ll sit in the water. This keeps extra bacteria from building up in the water.


Tips and tricks

There’s still a bit more you can do to care for your floral arrangement.


When choosing the location for your flowers, keep them away from extreme temperatures and bright sunlight. This is rough on the flowers and will age them more quickly—exactly what you don’t want to happen.


Also, arrangements last the longest when they’re a bit chilled, so if you’re really trying to stretch out how long they’ll last, you might consider storing them in the fridge overnight and setting them back out in the morning when you can actually enjoy looking at them. The cooler temperatures are supposed to prolong the life of cut flowers.

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